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Wedding Photography

Wedding photography is a wonderful art to adorn your wedding recollections. Our expert wedding squad is well capable to steal some extraordinary minutes out of your day and gifting its priceless reflection in its ultimate form.

Wedding Photographers

Pre Wedding Shoot

Wedding Retentions specializes in planning and executing exclusive photo shoot of couple at the exotic or your favorite locations and or indoor studio to capture beautiful moments together which will interpret you as a couple.

Pre Wedding Photography

Post Wedding Shoot

Every post wedding shoot stands out distinctively and tells a different story completely. The smile these photographs would bring out on each face would be the most amazing thing about this shoot. Explore more about what we can offer.

Post Wedding Photography

Wedding Films

Our filmmakers give best to capture the little instants that most couples miss throughout the day. After watching your wedding film, you will be able to revive your wedding and see it the way your visitors did.

Wedding Films

Wedding Photographers Delhi, India

The world of wedding brings in a joy of getting two souls together in a spiritual journey wherein the thoughts, feelings hold the utmost priority. To highlight those feelings is the sole purpose of candid photography. The need of candid wedding photographers in India has risen to this need and purpose. It is no more mere another arrangement done by the parents but instead is THE most essential part now. It brings with it explosion of global demands and moods. The technology, media (social networking) has made available even more vast range of options to be explored by our best photographers.

How to Search a Wedding Photographer?

To even decide whom to choose and what to choose from needs a thoughtful thinking. It just cannot be ANY other person capturing those precious moments. There may be ample sources to guide your choice- family and friends recommendations, magazines and social networking sites. All opinions are respected and valued though individuals may vary in the process of judging one with the other. However, the best stands out of rest undoubtedly and liked by all. So you have started the search in the right direction by clicking onto our site wherein we provide nothing but just the best.


It is difficult to choose a wedding photographer amongst the technical terms of photography and differentiate between artistic, alternate, candid etc. There is a difference between these but what remains important is the fact that the photographer or team of wedding photographers you choose should be able to capture different moods in their own thematic or creative ways yet could bring the family together in one frame. The amalgamation of both will give the best moments captured.

After you have understood and shortlisted a few photographers it is important to know their styles and explain your requirement. Choose the one who matches your expectations. Our team of photographers is open to creative ideas wherein they have to add their expert opinions. It is great team efforts if you and your photographer know each other to share the ideas and shortlist the theme you would want to. We would like to start early with you so that you reach a comfort zone with the photographer and get the best results. We want to be with you in your most special time and get the best click for you.

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Candid Wedding Photographers India

Candid Wedding Photographers Delhi

Creative Wedding Photographers

Candid Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographers Delhi

Candid Wedding Photographers Delhi

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